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Before and after Joe Biden's comments about a "New World Order" last week, spokesmen for the world's imperial elites were decrying the "end of globalization," and positing the shape of such a new order. Indeed, with Russia's action in Ukraine and the refusal of superpowers like China and India to join in the Western sanctions regime, the previous decades' version of globalization is dead. With permanent war and massive psy-war and social engineering, they hope to keep the U.S. under control in a hideous 21st century version of George Orwell's 1984.

But whatever the "version," the empire's primary target is the existence of sovereign nations, with the American constitutional republic and it's people in the bullseye. Donald Trump's 2016 victory, represented an existential threat to the recent globalists order, so they removed him from office.

But, neither Trump nor the American people have stood down. Nor, for that matter, has Russia.

The global elites may have their version of "1984" ready to go. We have the resurgence of the principles of the American republic and the American System ready to defeat them.