LaRouchePAC distributes leaflets with striking UAW workers. September 19, 2023 Photo: LaRouchePAC

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For decades, working Americans have borne the brunt of a conscious policy to deindustrialize the United States, drive down the standard of living, and turn America into a Third World country—beset by poverty, crime and drugs. Mussolini Joe Biden’s insane push for all electric vehicles, goes hand-in-hand with his full-on assault against fossil fuels and his embrace of medieval technologies like wind and solar.

Whether you are a striking UAW worker or any other average American trying to raise a family or create a future, understand this: there are no such things as “good paying green jobs.” There will be no jobs that can support a family in this green utopia (unless you are a servant of Big Finance, Big Tech or Big Pharma), because there will be no energy to run a 21st-century economy or support a growing population.  

On the other hand, here is what Donald Trump wants to do:

  • Restore the United States as a manufacturing superpower
  • Build “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds” of new fossil fuel and nuclear power plants
  • Populate the Western part of the United States with new cities that will be hubs of new industries
  • Create a “quantum leap” in the American standard of living

His message to U.S. autoworkers has been clear: Biden’s electric vehicle mandates and free trade policies will wipe out the U.S. auto industry. President Trump is right when he says that there is no “fair transition” to electric vehicles. 

It’s not just auto workers and the auto industry which will be destroyed. The development and use of ever-more powerful forms of energy is the foundation of society’s advance, and the United States has historically led the world. We made the internal combustion engine the basis for a revolution in society. We made cheap, reliable energy available with projects like the TVA and the Rural Electrification Administration. We have pushed the frontiers of science with nuclear power and soon, nuclear fusion.

As President Trump has said, Biden’s wind and solar energy is “weak” energy. It’s also a fraud. Wind and solar use up more energy in their production than they will ever produce. Today’s lithium batteries are produced at both human and economic cost, and can’t be recycled. The “green agenda” is a lying narrative whose only purpose is to turn the United States into a backward, impoverished, pre-industrial nation. 

Biden’s controllers make no bones about their intentions. The World Economic Forum says, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” You won’t  be able to afford a home or an electric car. Inflation will continue to rage, fueled by our inability to produce the goods we need here at home. The Federal Reserve will continue to bail out financial parasites, while crushing producers with high interest rates or no credit at all.

So, when politicians show up at the picket lines avowing solidarity with striking workers, they should be asked if they support Biden’s green and inflationary policies. When they say that this is a fight between “bosses who are rolling in dough” and underpaid auto workers, remember that  the bosses will disappear, along with the industry and your jobs. And your nation.

Auto workers are on the front lines, not only fighting against the forced march to EV-insanity, but also fighting to recoup the economic losses they suffered after the 2008 speculator-caused financial blowout. It’s not surprising that there is a growing sense of support and solidarity for the UAW strike from across the political spectrum. This portends an historic realignment of the American political landscape, and the re-emergence of Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party of workers, industrialists, farmers, scientists, builders and dreamers. 

This is what President Trump is committed to, and this is the beginning of the New American Revolution.