Act Now, Before Sept 12, to Stop the Prosecutions of President Trump! Impeach Merrick Garland, Not the Village Idiot, Joe Biden!

Impeach Merrick Garland

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When Congress comes back on Sept 12, House Republicans will discuss impeachment of Attorney General Garland, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, and Joe Biden, all of whom have betrayed the country and deserve to be held to account.  

But our country’s survival depends on making Garland the prime impeachment target while defunding the prosecutions of Donald Trump.  This must be Congressional Priority No. 1.  Congress will be under the gun with a Sept 30 deadline to continue funding the government. If the government is to be shut down, the only truly existential issue deserving of that fate is ending the Constitution-destroying Trump prosecutions and ensuring that Americans have an opportunity to speak their minds and register their vote in November of 2024.

Allowing the present dynamic to continue -- elite determination to eliminate Donald Trump and his movement by any means necessary, wrecking the entire Constitutional order in the process, met by overwhelming popular revulsion and anger at this strategy and support for Donald Trump --risks civil disorder and the destruction of the Republic. Since the four dirty political prosecutions worthy of the Stasi clearly haven’t dampened the American public’s support for Trump, do you think this group of legal and intelligence community thugs would balk at assassinating him? 

Think about it.  The records of this unconstitutional and seditious conspiracy against the American people which targets Donald J. Trump stretches back to 2015, and rest centrally in the DOJ.  So too, do all the proofs being sought for any potential impeachment inquiry against the senile idiot, Joseph R. Biden.  Biden is the fool imposed on us through the illegal operations of the DOJ and the intelligence community—thoroughly exposing and destroying that machine, rather than the imbecile, Joe Biden, is the key to winning this war.

Let them continue to back their senile fool, Joe Biden, against Donald Trump in a fair fight.  Isn’t the outcome clear? It is the administrative state apparatus led by the DOJ, the CIA, and elements of the military, which has declared that they are willing to create a civil war and/or engage in assassination, if necessary to stop Trump and his movement.  That is what must be exposed, fought, and dismantled now if this nation is to survive.  President John F. Kennedy had it right when he said this apparatus needs to be smashed and scattered to the winds.

The House Freedom Caucus, led by Trump stalwarts like Matt Gaetz (R-Fla) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga), has said it will not pass any funding resolution which fails to deal with the weaponization of the Justice Department. 

Freedom Caucus member Andrew Clyde, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, will introduce an amendment to bar taxpayer dollars from funding any prosecution of a major presidential candidate prior to the election, and another to bar funding for state prosecutions. “Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars have no place funding the radical Left’s nefarious election interference efforts,” Clyde said in a statement. 

This means that if you join with us to stiffen the spine of our Congressmen, by signing our petition, telephoning every Republican congressman in your state, and contributing as generously as you can to help us spread this fight, we will have a significant chance at forcing the issue of stopping  the Trump prosecutions as Sept 30 approaches. As that petition circulates nationwide, the Wayne County (MI) Republican Committee adopted it unanimously Aug 28, and every Executive Committee member present signed it as an individual.

Again, it is Attorney General Merrick Garland, not Joe Biden, who must be impeached now. Kash Patel, the lawyer who led the House Intelligence Committee exposure of Russiagate, deeply aware of what he calls the limited bandwidth of our Congress, has continuously hammered this point. 

The Congress has extraordinary investigative power in an impeachment inquiry, and it can be used to force out every dirty trick used to prosecute President Trump, and every collusion between Washington and the prosecutors in Georgia and New York. As the truth comes out under a glare of national publicity, these prosecutions can be critically crippled and the satanic mandarins running them totally exposed.

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced H. Res. 410 on May 23 to impeach Merrick Garland. She has seven cosponsors. 

In Georgia, 29-year-old State Senator Colton Moore has written Gov. Kemp to ask him to call a special session of the State Legislature to investigate and possibly impeach Trump prosecutor Fani Willis of Atlanta. Georgians must insist that their own State Senators and Representatives join the call, which requires 3/5 support from each house.  There are 108 members of the Georgia House and 56 members of the Senate. All Americans should join to support Moore.

The hour is late, but the opportunity is here. Act now: sign the petition and put the fear of God into Congress! Please also donate to help us spread this fight far and wide.