Trump Holds a "Get Out The Vote Rally" in Richmond, VA, March 3, 2024

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Looking at last week it’s very clear that Donald Trump and MAGA are winning while genocidal wars, caused by maniac incompetents threaten all of humanity; and despite everything, human discovery continues apace with fusion power, an unlimited, clean, and potentially cheap extremely powerful energy source on the verge of becoming reality.

That’s the snapshot from last week. This week we’ll have Super Tuesday, Biden’s last gasp State of the Union address on Thursday, and a dramatic push for a temporary ceasefire in the Middle East. That sudden rush for peace is dictated by the need to head off an almost certain expansion of that war as Ramadan begins on Sunday. Israel, far from endorsing a ceasefire, appears ready to expand the war into Lebanon. From the standpoint of our brain dead and morally dead regime, the challenge of preventing a new massive and murderous war is propelled by the necessity of Joe Biden having something to present as progress in his State of the Union.

Now is the time for patriots to expand on President Trump’s visionary Agenda 47 and begin ensuring a Congress and a popular will to implement a full-scale American System economic recovery. Now is the time to attack, attack, attack with the creative vision, grand designs, and the optimism characterizing the American intellectual tradition from the time of Ben Franklin, through Abraham Lincoln’s great economic revolution, through the recovery programs led by FDR and Jack Kennedy as superseded by those of Lyndon LaRouche. This proud heritage is found in Donald Trump’s calls to think big and be bold as we take the road to a new future with space colonization, 100's of new nuclear plants, new cities built on classical principles of beauty, a self-sufficient and expanding industrial and technological base, and a living wage creating the possibility that one adult in a family can work while the other attends full-time to raising children.

Funding for the DOJ will come up for debate in the House this week. It’s time to defund the Trump prosecutions now. Funding for the Department of Homeland Security will come up next week. It’s time to defund all programs at the DOJ and Homeland Security shown to be involved in the censorship industrial complex and the rigging of elections. At the same time, funding for the continued Israel assault on Gaza and the Ukraine War will reappear in some form in the House and must continue to be rejected. Those fundamental acts are what will change things now, not continuing hand wringing over other budget items or detailing Joe Biden’s many crimes.

Trump has Begun to Lap Biden

An eye-popping New York Times/Sienna poll shows Trump out in front of Biden nationally by 5% and gaining even more ground. 63% of the people polled said the country is headed in the wrong direction, 47% strongly disapprove of Joe Biden, 43% said they had been personally hurt by Biden’s policies, twice as many who say Biden’s policies have helped them. Biden is barely holding the Black working-class vote, which the New York Times says he captured by 72% in 2020. Young people are fleeing the senile idiot who attacks their future. And that’s from a poll by the bastion of propaganda for this regime.

It coheres with what LaRouche PAC is finding on the ground where the sentiments are even stronger in traditional Democratic layers:  unions, the Black church, Hispanics, young people, women who avoided the brainwashing regime in force at the nation’s colleges. The open border, the continuing murderous drug and sexual assault on young minds and working age adults, uncontrolled crime, uncontrolled financialization and rampant inflation, genocide in the name of the United States—all promoted by Biden and his surrogates -- have soured this population permanently on this man and Democrats more generally. While much attention was paid to the Michigan uncommitted protest vote against Biden’s Israel policy by that state’s large Arab population, Biden faces a more significant threat there based on the fact that the UAW and associated workers understand that his Green energy program and electric vehicle promotion will kill their jobs. Biden’s mass immigration policy threatens union jobs throughout the construction trades and in every working-class job category now staffed by minorities.

Billions of dollars have been burned up by the Biden Administration and the states of New York and Georgia to put Trump in prison before the election, and by the world’s oligarchs in the attempt to prevent Trump and his MAGA movement from securing the Republican Party ballot line. That’s not counting the dark money projects of the extended Anglo-American intelligence community and their Silicon Valley vassals. It was all for naught. It only increased the devotion of the American voter to Donald Trump. That devotion is one of the souls, not of wonky D.C. policy fights. Trump has put everything on the line to fight the satanic regime which is in open war with the American people. The People see his fight as their fight. The loudest applause at Trump’s Richmond, Virginia speech on Saturday night came when he said he would rid the country of political prosecutors and political prosecutions.

The Trump Prosecutions are Up in the Air; the Effort to Bankrupt Him is the New Front

The regime’s assault on the 45th president of the United States is unprecedented in its scope but not in its tactics. In the attempted legal assassination of Lyndon LaRouche the Department of Justice, in an unprecedented action bankrupted, not for profit entities associated with LaRouche. While that was later ruled to be a fraud upon the court, the hope was to prevent any ability to wage a defense to a plethora of coordinated civil cases, and state and federal criminal cases, all launched at the same time.

Now the race is on to bankrupt Trump based on two phony civil actions, the no fraud fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Leticia James and the no sex sexual assault defamation case brought by the wacko lady who named her cat vagina, paints trees blue, and thinks rape is sexy. New York State changed its statute of limitations to allow E. Jean Carroll to bring her assault charges against Trump, a decades old, fabricated event allegedly occurring at the ritzy and massively salesperson policed and surveilled Bergdorf Goodman department store. Carroll can’t even date the event and never filed any charges until Trump became President.

In order to appeal Judge Arthur Engeron’s bizarro findings in the case about Trump allegedly overvaluing his properties to obtain loans where there was no fraud and the banks all made profits and still hold Trump to be a valued customer, Trump must post a $543.4 million bond by March 25th.Otherwise, James can start fire selling his properties and seizing his accounts.  A similar clock is ticking on the $83.3 million a Trump deranged New York jury awarded the Carroll. The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution like the New York Constitution prohibits excessive fines like this. The due process clause prohibits this financial rape as a condition of appeal. Trump will argue that before the full appellate bench on March 18th in seeking a stay or a lower appeal bond. If he loses there, the New York Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court are the next stops.

If that is not repulsive enough to Lady Justice, Trump also faces a criminal trial in Manhattan starting on March 25th. This one involves the nuisance settlement of a claim by Stormy Daniels that she had a one-night stand with Trump in 2006. Trump denies her claim. Before the 2016 election, Daniels received $130,000 in a typical settlement of this type of shakedown claim made frequently against wealthy and prominent men. The Feds investigated it and charged and convicted former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for an FEC violation with respect to the payment, along with unrelated charges of tax and bank fraud and lying to Congress. Cohen, shepherded around now by Clinton fixer Lanny Davis has made a career of attacking Trump. Until Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, under massive establishment pressure, took up his cause, prosecutors fled from him because of his propensity for perjury and his alleged mob connections. Now he is Bragg’s main witness. Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ attorney, who promoted her claims about Trump on behalf of Democratic Party Jacobins, also now sits in prison, convicted of multiple frauds and extortion.

Bragg’s 34 count indictment against Trump is about the bookkeeping entries made to record the Daniels settlement. It massages what could normally be charged as a misdemeanor, at best, into 34 separate felonies. The charges result from a New York “Get Trump” lawfare brain trust involving lawyers from the major New York Wall Street white shoe law firms, Davis Polk, and Wardwell and Paul, Weiss, former members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team, and Joe Biden’s DOJ.

As most know, the U.S. Supreme Court accepted Trump’s appeal concerning presidential immunity on Wednesday, February 28th, delaying the Biden DOJ’s favorite prosecution, Jack Smith’s Washington D.C. election subversion case, possibly beyond the November election. This provoked mass hysteria from the regime and its media surrogates who derided the Court as part of the “insurrection.”  This case, with its Trump deranged jury pool and its biased Judge Tanya Chutkan, was considered to be the slam dunk way to derail Trump. Now that path is very rocky.

In Georgia, that RICO prosecution based on Trump’s challenge to the rigged 2020 election, has devolved into the type of nationally televised soap opera and low comedy formerly associated with Jerry Springer. Trump’s prosecutor and her special Trump prosecutor and lover Nathan Wade appear to have lied to the court on multiple occasions concerning the dating of their sexual relationship and various corrupt relationships centered in the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. Judge Scott McAfee has promised a ruling in two weeks as to whether he will disqualify Willis and Wade from the Trump case but at this point, the televised hearing has irreparably damaged any remaining credibility this farce had.

In Florida, Judge Aileen Cannon is deciding what date to set for Trump’s trial on Jack Smith’s classified documents case. She is also considering a major motion regarding who was involved in setting this prosecution in motion. Trump is arguing, appropriately, that the National Archives, the Biden White House, and numerous parts of the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence community engaged in a plot to set up this case for political reasons and that communications between these entities will spill exculpatory evidence critical to Trump’s defenses. It also turns out that the files of the corrupt preceding Grand Jury and U.S. Attorney investigation of this case in Washington, D.C. have also never been turned over to Judge Cannon or Trump’s attorneys.

The DOJ and Homeland Security Are Up for Funding: Dismantle the Anti-Trump Brigades

Last week, Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Shapiro announced the formation of an “election protection task force” composed of state officials and U.S. attorney’s offices, the state attorney general’s office, county election directors, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, and the Pennsylvania National Guard. This is an obvious response to Trump being up six in this battleground state and the necessity to protect an incipient vote fraud operation.

Recent exposes by Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi have detailed the censorship and fraud apparatus which emanates from the Department of Homeland Security. Mike Benz has highlighted the Pentagon and State Department role in this color revolution apparatus now targeted against the citizens of the United States. In addition to defunding the Trump prosecutions, the defunding of this nascent election rigging apparatus and the investigation of emerging Democratic plans to engage in violence both to prevent Trump’s election and his assumption of office must be the priorities of the Judiciary Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, and the House as a whole. The Democrats are already saying that if Trump wins the election and they win Congress, they will refuse to certify the vote for President. Who is interfering in elections before the world? What could be more important for this Congress to take up and destroy?