Merrick Garland speaks at the DOJ. CSPAN Framegrab

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As I write this Friday morning, I am waiting to see when the corrupt Merrick Garland DOJ will drop today another national stink bomb in the form of an indictment of Donald J. Trump for the events of January 6, 2021. The latest lawfare barrage started Thursday, with an all-out effort to make citizens forget the spectacle of Wednesday, when DOJ lawyers tried to trick a federal judge into granting total immunity to Hunter Biden and fully protect, thereby, the real criminal: the senile Papa Joe Biden. They got spectacularly caught as the result of a few nominal questions from U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, and the corrupt plea deal blew up publicly amidst wall-to-wall live coverage by the national news media. Not good for the installed American regime. People saw things they will not soon forget.

Before we get into the details of this 48-hour foray into the Garden of Evil, you should know that We, the People, can bring this entire charade to a halt. Right now, the House of Representatives is debating how to respond to the unprecedented election interference against Donald Trump by the DOJ and District Attorneys in Manhattan and Atlanta who intend to drive the leading 2024 presidential candidate from the campaign trail and off the ballot through show trials in 2024. At the same time, the newly elected House has documented shocking corruption in the foreign family dealings of the sitting President. Those who want the corrupt Trump prosecutions to proceed unhindered are calling for a Special Prosecutor concerning the Bidens (which will freeze the Congressional investigations of the Biden family where they are now) or focus on an impeachment inquiry against Biden.

We say stopping the prosecutions against Trump must be primary if the nation is to survive. We should proceed by defunding Special Counsel Jack Smith as Rep. Matt Gaetz has proposed in legislation and with an impeachment inquiry against Attorney General Merrick Garland which will encompass the DOJ’s protection of the Biden family as well as the completely illegal prosecutions of Trump. In addition, we should force the Manhattan and Atlanta George Soros’ sponsored District Attorneys to dump their Trump prosecutions because legislators in those states defund their efforts. We need millions of signatures on this petition by Labor Day. Please sign and circulate this petition.

Wednesday’s Wilmington DOJ Fiasco

Reviewing the transcript of Wednesday’s Biden plea proceeding makes clear what happened. The plea agreement to two misdemeanor failures to file tax returns and pay for millions of dollars in overdue taxes from the Biden family foreign business dealings was deliberately structured to give the judge no discretion to reject it. This was a highly novel approach. A separate pretrial diversion agreement for Biden’s felony possession of a gun while a drug addict bizarrely included an immunity deal for any other charges which might be brought ever concerning the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. That includes a clear felony violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by Hunter Biden. It was clear the DOJ and Biden’s lawyers hoped to keep this aspect of the deal buried in the probation agreement. But Judge Noreika smoked the corrupt bargain into the open.

When the Judge went one step further and probed whether there was still a criminal investigation of Biden despite the immunity deal bizarrely hidden in the diversion program agreement, the Justice Department attorneys dutifully said yes, as that is their card for keeping Congressional investigators from their Biden investigative file. “Sorry, Mr. or Mrs. Congress, I can’t answer that due to the ongoing criminal investigation,” has been the chorus from Justice throughout the Biden family Congressional investigation. But that’s when things blew up as Biden’s lawyers clearly thought they had a deal to deep six every crime and balked when the DOJ said the agreement would not cover any potential FARA liability. While the Judge may ultimately accept some kind of deal on Hunter’s criminal activity, she made clear she was not accepting this one. The parties are supposed to brief the issues she raised and come back with a revised agreement.

Jack Smith’s New Florida Indictment

To wipe this very corrupt Wilmington scene from the public mind, the media were duly alerted that something big would happen Thursday with Jack Smith which would supersede Wednesday’s Wilmington fiasco. They appear to be on speed dial from Special Counsel Smith. CNN, for example, has even done cameos of Smith and his crew getting a sandwich at Subway, calling this, somehow, a “message” to Donald Trump.

The media hung out all day Thursday hoping to cover Smith’s anticipated J6 indictment of Trump at the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. Trump’s lawyers had met with Smith on Thursday morning about the J6 case and argued against the plan to indict. Instead, Smith dropped a superseding indictment against Trump in the Florida boxes case, otherwise known by me as the “mad national librarian” case. That’s the one that concerns Trump having overdue documents at Mar-a-Lago which the National Archives and Records Administration believes belong to them and the manic over classifiers of much that should be public by our corrupt and incompetent intelligence community. If Smith’s previous practice holds, there will be a decent interval, say into next week, for the J6 indictment to drop.

The new Florida indictment was clearly planned to drop soon but at decent interval from statements Smith’s minions made to the Florida Judge Aileen Cannon only 10 days ago that they would be ready for trial in December of 2024 because there would be no new developments. The superseding indictment will inevitably delay the case Judge Cannon scheduled for trial in May of 2024. It is unclear how Judge Cannon will react to Smith’s attempt to snooker her on scheduling.

As we have previously noted, Smith’s Florida case includes the astounding claim of espionage against the former President of the United States by the praetorian guard who actually run the country. Trump, as President, according to the DOJ, could, as president and classifier in chief, classify or declassify documents simply by thinking about classification. That is what the DOJ has asserted in FOIA cases when ordinary citizens seek to shine a light on the secret government. Once they succeeded in kicking him out of the Presidency and installing a corrupt and compromised Biden regime, the secret government had much to fear about what Trump learned while behind their lines. Ignoring the Federal Records Act, which gives former Presidents absolute authority to take documents from their administration and engage in civil bargaining with the National Archives about what they must return, DOJ launched a criminal probe to grab everything that might help Trump from the documents he took to Mar-a-Lago. Their aim all along was to find a pretext for prosecuting him for his hubris in entering their realm in the first instance and prevent any return.

The new counts of the Mad Librarian case accuse Trump of waving a classified document in front of an employee of his Super Pac which would appear to concern the war in Ukraine. He did not let the employee see it. This adds a second instance of Trump allegedly waving classified documents in front of people. The previous allegation has Trump’s waving around a classified document outlining an attack plan for Iran while talking to writers for Mark Meadows’ book about the Trump presidency. He was defending himself from fake news leaks from the Pentagon and elsewhere that he planned to attack Iran in the Fall of 2020 in a frantic attempt to win re-election. Trump told the Meadows folks that this was Gen. Milley’s idea, not his, and that he had rejected it.

Smith’s superseding indictment also includes obstruction of justice and false statement charges against Carlos De Oliveira, the property manager at Mar-a-Lago. It alleges that De Oliveira conspired with Trump’s personal assistant, Walt Nauta, and Trump to hide boxes of Trump’s illicitly retained presidential documents from Trump’s own attorneys and Smith’s Florida Grand Jury. In addition, the indictment claims that they schemed to delete Mar-a-Lago security footage under grand jury subpoena. It does not appear that the security footage was ever deleted, just that there was talk about deleting it.

Since 2017, DOJ Prosecutors have endlessly accused Trump of plotting illegal acts or thinking about illegal acts without completing them—thought crimes, in other words. As a result of all the previous fake obstruction claims by prosecutors, Donald Trump appears to be the least successful obstructer of justice in all human history.

These new claims occur as Smith’s thug assistants threaten maintenance employees of Mar-a-Lago with years in prison unless they tell the concocted and fake tale prosecutors want to sell. Jay Bratt, the lead prosecutor from DOJ has already been caught telling an attorney for Nauta that he wouldn’t get a judgeship he was pursuing unless Nauta testified the way Bratt wanted. Bratt’s persona reminds me of George Costanza in Seinfeld but with the added feature of dictatorial power and a deep sadistic streak. Karen Gilbert, who leads the local prosecutors in Florida staffing the case got herself so mixed up in prosecutorial misconduct, including wiretapping a defense attorney and his client, that she had to resign from the DOJ for a period of years to salvage her career.

David Harbach was the lead prosecutor in the case against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell which ruined McDonnell’s life, his marriage, and much else, before the Supreme Court unanimously reversed his conviction because of Harbach’s prosecutorial overreach. He also indicted former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards in a case riddled with misconduct and overreach. When the jury acquitted Edwards on key counts, the DOJ stood down and didn’t even attempt a retrial on counts where the jury couldn’t reach a verdict.

Most of the obstruction case against Trump consists of privileged statements he made to his lawyer while seeking legal advice. The corrupt DC District Judge overseeing Trump cases, Beryl Howell, ruled that the lawyer had to turn over his notes of his privileged conversations with Trump to Smith’s thugs. Howell otherwise is infamous for leading an entire District Court to drink Trump derangement Kool Aid and participate in the judicial atrocities concerning the J6 defendants. As Chief Judge, Beryl Howell designed detention policies specifically for J6 defendants and outside the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, leaving most J6 defendants preemptively jailed pre-trial.