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Class #1: Bruce Director on LaRouche's Economics

The fight to rebuild the American economy as the scientific and manufacturing powerhouse, set in motion during the first Trump administration, now enters a new phase. The incoming “Biden” administration has already vowed to return to the bad old days of the British Empire’s global dictatorship now called the “great reset”, which means big bailouts for global financial powers, takedown of U.S. productive industry, green zero-growth, and big-tech repression.

We will not let this happen. But we cannot stop this by complaining about what we don’t want. Of course, we will never shy away from exposing the corruption of the London-Wall St. centered drive for a globalist dictatorship. But LaRouchePAC is committed to continuing to lead the fight for a re-emergence of the American system and the reorganization of the world economy based on Lyndon LaRouche’s design of a New Bretton Woods system based on national sovereignty and a commitment to the increase in the productive powers of labor.

Beginning Saturday January 16, 2021, LaRouchePAC ran a 4-week course on Lyndon LaRouche’s science of physical economy taught by Bruce Director. The course is based on LaRouche’s economics book, “So You Wish To Learn About Economics” and will draw on other writings of LaRouche on science, economics, art and philosophy.


Class #2: Bruce Director on LaRouche's Economics

Two little noticed recent developments encapsulate the principles of our current fight to restore the U.S. On January 12, 2021 President Trump issued an executive order directing the Department of Defense and NASA to develop small scale nuclear reactors to supply power to existing installations on Earth and future robotic and human bases on the Moon and Mars. Also, included in the omnibus appropriation bill attached to the Covid 19 relief package, Trump signed an authorization for federal funds to be used to match private development of fusion reactors modelled on the successful NASA directed public/private cooperation that helped launch the burgeoning industrialization of low Earth orbit.

The incoming “Biden” administration has already signaled its intention to replace this policy of government promotion of real scientific achievement with ideological dogma masquerading as “science” administered by “experts”. Just think of Biden’s planned return to the Paris Climate Accords that will bind the U.S. to reducing economic progress in the name of discredited statistical theories of climate change. Or the difference between the successful application of science under “Operation Warp-Speed” and the restrictive, irrational policies of lockdowns and fear mongering in dealing with the Covid 19 crisis.

The science based American System of physical economy has been, and will continue to be, the most effective approach to fostering economic progress, which is why it has been emulated by any nation that seeks to improve the conditions of life for its citizens. Lyndon LaRouche set forth the scientific principles on which this economic system has been based. In part 2 of this 4-part class series we will explore those principles, which are summarized in Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of LaRouche’s, So You Wish To Learn All About Economics.


Class #3: Contrary to the Great Reset and Joe Biden, Humans Can't Be Replaced by Machines 

This past week, the would-be rulers of the world gathered (virtually) at the Davos World Economic Forum to announce their intention to send mankind back to the Stone Age. (Read LaRouchePAC's coverage of Davos.) They seem to be in a big hurry, as does their would-be American President who is signing executive orders faster than any President in history. Perhaps their haste is being driven by the obvious—their bloated, multi-quadrillion financial bubble is about to burst, and as much as they would like to think they have the world in their hands, the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump have other intentions.

In Class #3, Bruce Director discusses the fatal flaw embedded in the current global financial system from the standpoint of Lyndon LaRouche's breakthrough understanding of the inherent criminality of "systems analysis," as applied to living economic systems. In a 1981 paper (Systems Analysis is White Collar Genocide), LaRouche wrote: "If a society’s economy can be fairly described, over successive periods, by means of linear economic models, that society is very sick, and will die unless radical changes are introduced to its policies of economic practice."

The Davos/Great Reset system of today's British Empire is about to die. It's probably a good idea not to go down with it, but, rather, to master the principles necessary to replace it. This will be the focus of tonight's class with Bruce Director.


Class #4: LaRouche's Economic Breakthrough: Where Does Wealth Come From?

It's not enough to be against the assault on our economy now being carried out by the Davos/Biden Administration, under their Green New Deal/Great Reset policies. Nor is restarting a pipeline or protecting our coal industry enough.

Until we break completely with the monetarist system of Wall Street and London, and return to Hamilton's system of credit, national banking and productive investment, we will remain under the economic control of the British Empire. At the core of Hamilton's policies was the concept that wealth comes from the "productive powers of labor," not money, raw materials, land or any other physical object. Lyndon LaRouche showed that wealth can therefore only be increased by improving of the "productive powers of labor," through advances in science and technology which are driven by the unique powers of human creative reason.

Bruce Director will conclude his four-part series on LaRouche Economics by focusing on the difference between a system based on money and things, and a system based on human creativity.


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